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CBWL Discrimination Policy 

At CB Weightlifting, it is our core belief that all people are entitled to equality, inclusion and respect. As a team, we foster cohesiveness and connection, and we support each other always. 

We recognize that our individual viewpoints may differ, and that we have freedom to express our opinions. However, we must be cognizant that public expression of certain opinions may be harmful to our teammates and team dynamic. 

As your coach, I will not tolerate speech, in any forum, that is intended to harass or disparage anyone on the basis of color, gender identity, sexuality, appearance, physical disability, national origin, age, religion and/or political beliefs. 

We are not the same. We respect our differences. But we have zero tolerance for willfully hurtful speech. 

If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will be asked to leave the team immediately. 

Discrimination Policy: Text
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